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Korean Dramas

I have noticed a cinderella theme to most Korean Dramas. Is this typical or totally off base cuture and habit wise among men?

I have seen very extreme bad behavior like telling a girl to get out of your car just cause she stood up for herself and didnt agree with being insulted over and over and left on the side of the freeway with no definate way home 
 stopping at nothing to win her love.

I am hoping this is all extremly exagerated for the sake of entertainment. However it really does amke me wonder.. Should I ever date in the Korean Community is walking on eggshells to be expected?
Ahn-yung everybody,

I was wondering if there was a free decent website anywhere that has some basic korean lessons. Also, are there any sites out there that might interpret the meaning of Korean names?

go-mahb sub nee dah!
Hi folks,
I will be visiting Korea this November, for about 2 weeks towards the end of the month. I'm supposed to tell my parents by next week (so they can plan) where I would like to go and what I would like to see. I pretty much havent been since I was about 8 years old, so anything goes. If I've seen it, I've already forgotten it. Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm a girl.. so shopping is always good :] also.. the drinking age is 19 I hear? I'm 17, I could get away with that right? Is Lotte World worth it, even when I have an annual pass to Disneyland(since I hear disneyland is better)..Do they still have what my parents call "cola techs"??.. SUGGESTIONS.. all suggestions are great. Restaurants, sites, shopping.. THanks to anyone who can help me out! I just may bring you back a special little something ;]

Thanks again!

To act like a baby...

A friend taught me this verb and unfortunately I can't seem to remember the exact term. I think it was "bigosuh" or something similar-sounding. Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

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can someone tell me whats good korean soap? i saw winter sonata.. and that was my first one and i loved it! thanks

asia day 207

i've been collecting some photos of the world cup insanity in seoul. the entire country went nuts over this month-long event and every company used this opportunity to market their products and show off their brand name. check out my collection here

Girls, be pretty!

From my journal entry. I was wondering if I'm the only one who feels this way.

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world cup craze

seoul city hall during their first 2006 world cup match against togo. i was able to take many photos from a hotel without paying a cent. the spirit and cheering were all so incredible. click on the image below for full story.

panoramic version of this photo can be found here if you want to just check that out.

Dr. LEE Jong-wook: Biography

Taken from the World Health Organization website:

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Pondering and wondering?....

I've been pondering a situation quite alot lately and decided this is the best place to ask questions :)

I'm a 20 year old Korean female from London UK and my family came over here when I was 6months old.

Due to growing up in London I've been cultured to be very British. I find because of this, I don't have ANY korean friends or really seem to get along with them. I just don't really have the same values, attitudes or norms as them. Me going out and enjoying myself like an average british 20year old would be considered as terrible inappropriate behaviour in the small close knit korean society we have over here. Yes I love my Korean roots very much but I find Korean people like to just stick to their own :( and me being a little different as a kid and till this age, korean people don't really seem to want to associate with me. I guess it's because we just don't really have anything in common at all to hold a decent conversation. Okies that seems like a very big generalisation! Oops and I know not all Koreans are like this.. I don't know.. I've always felt a bit snubbed by others :(

Anyways my question is do other koreans that have grown up in a different country find they have the same problem??

Also because you've grown up in a different enviroment surrounded by non-koreans. Do you find them more attractive?? Because I can't help but fall for westerners! And my boyfriend being one >_<

Also! Future prospects wise, what do your parents make of the whole situation of marriage and relationships? My parents still hope (especially my father) that I'll end up with a Korean guy. I actually can't see this happening..

Thankyou for your time :D

PS. They have no idea about my relationship :S

n00b question

I'm very sorry guys (& girls of course) 4 this post. May be i'm not 1st in this subj...

I've got only one simple & very strong question 4 me:

Can anybody tell me, how can foreigner from Russia immigrate into South Korea? What I need to know, or what I must have?

Adam Corolla (sp?)

I found it amusing this morning when I was driving to work and thought to myself, "I wonder whatever happened to the whole petition against the Adam Corolla show." Just then, on the radio, he had on two guest representing the Asian American community that pretty much tore into Adam in a very cool manner concerning his issues with word selection in the past and the more recent "ching chong" skit that brought the problem to a head. All Adam could reply with was something along the lines of "I didn't write the skit, though I did OK it." He passed the buck a few times and tried to leave enough gray area open to give him the freedom to operate as he has before, but his guests called him on it at every instance.

It looks like he's going to be a bit less careless in the future.
some photos of crazy crowd gathered in city hall seoul to watch a baseball game. i'm sure it'll get even more crazy during the world cup.
from http://msnbc.msn.com/id/12310245/

A new, limited-edition shoe from Adidas-Salomon AG, part of the "Yellow Series" and decorated with the face of a character who has buck teeth, a bowl haircut and slanted eyes, has provoked a heated debate about the lines dividing racism, art and commerce.

The character on the shoe is the creation of a San Francisco graffiti artist, Barry McGee, who is half Chinese. McGee, who calls the character Ray Fong after an uncle who died, said the image is based on how the artist looked as an 8-year-old.

"You have to look at it as a piece of artwork," said McGee, 40, who used Ray Fong as a graffiti tag in the late 1990s and later in art installations and catalogue covers. "The way we put it all together, it becomes a collectible as art."

The shoe was released April 1, with 1,000 pairs on sale at a dozen boutiques in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hamburg and Denmark. It retails for $250 and comes with a graffiti art fanzine.

Since then, several blogs and message boards have been consumed with fervid debate over the shoe, and Asian American organizations have said it evokes damaging and long-standing stereotypes.

"You're kidding me, right?" read an entry on the Web site Angry Asian Man. " That's racist! "

Others point out that McGee's mother is Chinese and that he often uses art to explode stereotypes of Asians. On the blog AdJab, Adam Finley wrote, "My theory . . . is that Adidas is trying to target a younger, hipper demographic that is already familiar with the underground art world and the images can seem controversial when not seen in the proper context."

The Organization of Chinese Americans, which is based in the District, has received about 40 complaints from its members, according to communication director Anh Phan. The organization has sent a formal letter of complaint to Adidas, asking for removal of the shoe from the market.

"We initially didn't think it would become that big of a deal, but our members seem to think otherwise," said Phan. "Taken in context with all the mentions of yellow, it's upsetting. We want people to be mindful of that when trying to promote their products."

Dorothy Wong, the group's executive director, said such images define Asians as foreigners. "And it fuels an anti-immigrant sentiment that has been coming to the fore lately," she said.

McGee's role as an artist and his ethnic background have confused the issue for some.

Still, said Frank H. Wu, dean of the Wayne State University Law School and author of the book "Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White," the images have an effect that cannot be ignored.

‘Part of a pattern’
"The problem with this is not that it's done by bigots, because it's not," he said. "It's also not that it offends people, because in many ways, that's what art is meant to do. The problem is that these images, even though crude and cliched, are powerful, almost indelible. They write the scripts that we expect others and we ourselves to follow. You can't read all that into a shoe, but it's part of a pattern."

The controversy also addresses the issue of removing a potentially subversive image from the context of art and introducing it into the world of commerce, where there is no means to indicate that the image may be a wry commentary on stereotypes, rather than perpetuation of the stereotype itself.

"We live in such a cynical, postmodern society that if you are offended by something like this, people say, 'Lighten up, it's ironic, it's a joke.' And that's really nice if you're a student of art history," Wu said. "But how many 10-year-olds talk about irony? When you get teased, it doesn't make it any better to know that they're also calling it ironic. It sends the message that it's hip to make fun of Asians."

Called the Y1-HUF, the shoe is part of the Yellow Series of the Adicolor brand produced by the German sportswear maker and was designed by McGee with the San Francisco specialty-clothing store, HUF. The Adicolor line offers 42 shoes in seven colors, 36 of them produced with artists or designers.

Adidas said it meant no offense. "It is an unfortunate coincidence that its inclusion in the Yellow Series has been misinterpreted as offensive," the company said in a statement. "It was not the intention of Adidas, nor HUF and McGee, to offend any individual or group as we pride ourselves on being a multicultural organization."

Peter Chang, 21, of Silver Spring said it wasn't necessarily offensive because of McGee's background. "But as a shoe-head," he said, "I wouldn't consider it for a collector's item just because visually it doesn't fit into what people go for when they think of Adidas. If Adidas takes heat for it, it's their own fault. They're a multinational corporation; they have to think about the consequences."

Deborah Kong, 33, a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy and a former newspaper reporter, heard about the shoe from her brother and sent an e-mail to friends and Asian American organizations to start a letter-writing campaign to Adidas.

"There has been some discussion on blogs about whether this constitutes racism, or whether it's an artist's response to racism," the e-mail states. "But we think it is, at the very least, a bad marketing decision on the part of Adidas. And, taken out of context, it represents an outdated stereotype."

In 2002, the clothing chain Abercrombie & Fitch Co. drew complaints from Asian Americans because several T-shirts it produced bore characters with similar attributes and racially charged slogans.

Kong, who covered that controversy for the Associated Press, said the Adidas shoe does not bother her as much as the Abercrombie shirts but that she thought it was a good opportunity to raise debate on issues that she said Asian Americans are typically hesitant to confront.

"I would like to see an apology, however," she said.

At the Adidas store in Georgetown, which does not carry the shoe but has other Adicolor products, manager Sean O'Brien said he has not received any complaints about or requests for the Y1-HUF. However, he said he recently visited a New York store that was selling the shoe and salespeople there told him they had received numerous complaints.

McGee said he still doesn't understand the reaction.

"I mean, I had a bowl cut and I had buck teeth," he said. "People can perceive it as whatever they want. I guess that's just the power of images. The whole project was kind of a joke to me, so it's weird because I never saw this coming."

Next round

So I did a bit of reading.
If the US beats Mexico, they advance to the semifinals and that kocks Japan out entirely.
US and Korean will then have a rematch.
However, if Mexico beats the US, Japan is still in the running and is Korea's next game... again.
I think it'd be better to play the team that they beat 7-1, but then again, I'd like to see Ichiro's face after a second defeat by Korea.

World Baseball Classic

I went to the game tonight with my roomie... So exciting!!

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Korea cap? They were all sold out and I can't find any online... T.T

Korea vs. Japan

Korea 2
Japan 1

Korea advances in the champoinships!

My girlfriend's aunt, uncle and cousin called us from the stadium to tell us the news. They're insanely excited about the whole event, and they've decided to go to the remainder of the games! Lucky.


help me out please
Threadless.com Submission - Tr33

what is threadless?

Threadless.com is an on-going tee shirt design competition, anyone can submit their design and if it gets a high enough score and is chosen by the Threadless crew it will be printed and sold from the site.

Most of the product found on Threadless is a result of the competition. A few of the shirts were printed outside of the contest, some of which were comissioned by Threadless to various well-known designers.

i would love if you would help me out

Mar. 13th, 2006


Corea beat USA in baseball.

my dad called today to let me know that they were playing together but i have no idea what it was for.. but i just saw the NEWS and i was just so proud of the team. He also mentioned that we beat Mexico... what's going on with Corean baseball?

*** okay so i noticed after awhile that i spelled corea as korea. after i learned everything about the spelling of Corea, i preferably want to write it with the C from now on. so i edited the entry. thanx ***

spankin new, "ayong hase o!"

i barely met my mom last october, and found out that she was from korea, when i moved in with my sister in last july.

but anyway, thought i'd post this.
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I'm a 3rd generation korean so not many people in my family know how to write or speak korean. I want to get a tattoo of the korean flag with some stuff written in korean. So i was wondering if anyone in this community would be so kind as to write a few things, in a fairly stylized fashion for me.

Just leave a reply if you're willing and i'll let you know.

Can you guys recommend some good books on Korean history?


anyone watching the WBC? korea up on taiwan 1-0

Stereotypes and Variances by Region

Yo! I have a fairly lengthy question about Korea for you brilliant people. :D

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Modern Korean Literature.

Who are the most important modern Korean writers? I'm talking authors who mean as much to Korea as Natsume Soseki means to Japan.


Carolla petition

This is a followup to this post.

Someone has created a petition to get CBS to fire Carolla. Please sign it if you don't like unchecked racism.

Feb. 14th, 2006

Btw, happy Hallmark day to everyone...
Here's my final draft.
Thanks to everyone who put their input in. (sorry for all those weird symbols in there):

Omg, I had like 300 calories today, that is so not sexyCollapse )

Feb. 13th, 2006

Well, nobody really mentioned anything about the Olympics, so I will.

Who saw Apolo Ohno get DQ'd because of a bad touch?
I did.
Oh well, he does this like every time he's in the Olympics.
How disappointing.

Who saw Ahn Hyun-Soo take Gold in the Speed skate?
I did!
And that Lee guy, he came in real close...Woot!

Who saw Shaun White take gold in the men's half pipe?
I DID!!!
Man, did Shaun White rule!
And the other three USA's...hm...Danny Kass was killer though.
Damn, he should've taken home something.
And the European and that Japanese snowboarders.
Wow...style style style.

The Alpine skiing is crazy...so is all that luging and skeleton.
Damn, I always, think something is going to happen and they're gonna eat it.

And it's disappointing that Michelle Kwan dropped out, but it was for good reason.
I would've liked to see her taken home gold.

But I'm not really trying to support USA specifically, just the really good people.
Lessee...I didn't really see Germany do anything yet...
But man, Russia...woot!

There are so many countries with great atheletes.
It really suprised me that the Koreas are combined, even though 6 are from North and 40 are from South.

Btw, the guy from Ethiopia looks a little like Bob Marley...

Hi there ^^

Hello everyone, I have small request ^^' Does anyone have or know from where I can download some cute korean fonts?^^' I think I searched everywhere and Icant nothing find ;o; If someone knows/have pls help me ^^ I would be grateful *^^*
thnx in advance ♥
Hello, I hope someone can help me. How do you read/write Korean on PC's, for webmail uses. I am on Mac, so it is easy for me to switch back and forth, but I need to help my mom on Windows, and I have no idea. She doesn't know very much about computers and I am very far from her, so something simple would be best. Thanks.

2006 winter olympics!#@%#$^#$#$^




Job search

Hi, all.

I'm going to get right to the point.

I'm 20 years old, female, half-Korean, and I was born and raised in the US. I've never been to Korea, but the day after tomorrow, Sunday, I'm finally going to Seoul for 5 months. I've been speaking Korean all my life; I learned it with English. My mother and her mother made damn sure that I pronounce things correctly, and can speak properly to an elder. By US university standards, I think that I'm fluent in speaking (but do NOT ask me to read or write). All the Korean friends of my mother marvel at how well I speak it (though I think they're more shocked that I, a half-breed, can speak it at all).

I'm an international relations major, looking to focus on communications or peace and conflict resolutions or business relations. I just spent 4 months in Germany, and have a moderate knowledge of the language.

I need a job while I'm in Korea. My original plan was to be an English tutor (I have some experience), but I'd like to go a little beyond that. Being a waitress or department store employee in the tourist areas is a nice way to incorporate my language skills. Going a step further would be awesome, too. Such as: working for an NGO or Seoul-based branch of a US company, or Korean company with US relations. Something to put my intended degree to work. Something to look good on a resume and CV. I'm not sure how to convey what it is that I'm looking for, so could any of you throw out suggestions, tips, pointers, something?

Being able to say in a future job interview, "While I was in Seoul, South Korea I created with a team new advertisements to sell Hyundai cars in the US [etc.]" would be an excellent way to get started after graduation, I think.

Something like that.

Feb. 9th, 2006

elouai&apos;s doll maker 3

Korea, Germany, Mexico, and/or Italy.
World cup.
Definetly, I will be supporting Korea all the way, but I will be watching the other 3 countries.


Anyway, I finally heard from pagan_solitaire.
I heart him so much.

In other news...my friend Jaimie (the guy with leuk.) took me out on a friendy date (meaning it was just as friends) date.
He took me to a Korean restaurant (lol, I'm Korean).
He was all excited to try Korean food for the FIRST time ever.
I didn't think American/white/black whatever races liked trying new foods.
a while ago i posted korean erotic paintings from the choson dynasty in my livejournal, so here is the link for interested parties. ^^

feeling the culture shock

i've been living in korea for 2 months now. i'm a canadian gyopo and it's been 16 years since i left this country. i lived here until grade 5 so i wasn't expecting to experience any major culture shock. boy was i wrong. over the past 2 months i've learned a great deal about korean way of life and their mentality and it's really interesting to contrast the two cultures. one thing that really bugs me, though, is korean way of taking things too seriously, especially when it comes to relationships and marriage. not that marriage should not be taken seriously but once a son/daughter gets into that age group when they should be thinking about getting married, the parents and relatives are pretty relentless. my canadian age is 25 but korean age is 27 so to them i fit that category, so even though i have absolutely no intention of marrying anyone in the foreseeable future and want nothing more than some casual relationships wihle i'm here and an opportunity to learn about korean girls, my relatives are going all out.. i wrote a rant about it in my journal if you want to check out my current situation and the korean way of thinking, which is pretty bizarre to me...
Crossposted to asianrockers, korean, and notes_of_chaos.

Via Angry Asian Man:

Tuesday morning on Adam Corolla's radio show, he and his sidekick were commenting on the Awards. They claimed they had a clip of an award being presented on the show, which ended up being two guys exchanging patter in variations of the "CHING CHONG" schtick. The proceeded to name the nominees - all named "CHING CHONG".and presented the award to, of course, "CHING CHONG," who gave her acceptance speech in yet more "CHING CHONG" gibberish.

the clip.

Despite being a generally shitty comedian, society has somehow deemed it worthwhile to pay Adam Corolla to recite the moronic gibberish that usually springs from the minds of oafish white eighth graders. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given that we've collectively twice elected the president that's
most capable of harming us. However, I do not want to just throw my hands in the air and simply hope that some awesome volcano explodes and wipes out everyone that supports this weak fool. How on earth has he built any sort of career? He's had at least three (albeit extremely shitty) TV shows and two
radio shows. He has probably sucked a vast field full of penises by now.

So, I'm emailing the following people with the following message.

Message and email addresses.Collapse )
this weekend i saw my little bride and another korean movie..

forgot the name of it, but the plot is about a young boy whose mother left him with his grandmother.

the gramma is mute, and has a hunched back, but takes really good care of the spoiled brat. in the end he learns how to treat other people more kindly, and gets close to his grandmother.

someone gimme the name to this movie?

oh yea, and i also want to watch movies with my boyfriend (who doesn't understand korean) so anyone can give me suggestions on where to get subtitled korean movies?



TOKYO, Nov. 14 - A young Japanese woman in the comic book "Hating the Korean Wave" exclaims, "It's not an exaggeration to say that Japan built the South Korea of today!" In another passage the book states that "there is nothing at all in Korean culture to be proud of."


Nov. 18th, 2005

my gramma makes better kimchi than yours!!!!




I wrote this for a paper, I just wanted to post this since I haven't posted here for a while. I apologize for those who can't read Korean.

내가 이렇게 부를때 마다 어린아이 처럼 배시시 웃음짓는 우리 엄마. 가끔 엄마의 웃음을 볼때마다 엄마가 친구처럼 느껴진다.

우리 가족이 캐나다에 온지도 벌써 8년째. 지금 돌이켜 보면 8년이란 시간은 그리 길지도 않은 것 같다.
내가 처음 밴쿠버 땅을 밟았을 때는 난 아무겄도 모르는 18살 소녀였다. 8년이란 시간이 지난 지금 난 여전히 아는게 별로 없는 어른도 아닌, 아이도 아닌 나이기에…

이민 생활이란 참 힘든 것 같다. 사춘기 시기에 문화, 언어 그리고 사람들을 배워야 했던 우리들. 그런 우릴 키워야 했던 엄마 그리고 아빠. 영어라는 언어의 장벽으로 인해 자식들에게 기대어 가는 모습을 난 볼 수 있어다.
8년이 지난 지금 우리 가족들은 점점 이 땅에 익숙해져 가고 있는 것 같다.

난? 나도 여기생활이 익숙해져 가고 있다. 어쩌면, 너무나 많이 “서구화” 가 돼 버린지도 모르겠다. 가끔은 한국말이 어색해 질 정도로 말이다.
직장에서도, 학교에서도 한국말을 쓸 기회가 전혀 없는 나이기에 한국말이 어색해지는게 당연 한지도 모르겠다.

난 이민와서 부모님과 떨어져 살았다. 그렇게 긴 시간도 아니것 같았는데, 우린 모두 많이 변해버렸다. 난 “바나나” 가 돼어 버렸고, 엄마 아빠에겐 흰머리가 보이기 시작했다.
너무나 갑작스레 늙어 버리신 부모님… 아직도 엄마 아빠의 모습이 눈에 선하다. 날 바라보는 붉은 눈시울과 속속 보이는 흰머리… 난 차마 보이진 않았지만, 죄송하다는 마음에 울고 싶었다. 작아 보이는 부모님을 꼭 안아 드리고 싶었다. 그리고 죄송하다고 말해드리고 싶었다.

그렇지만, 난 아무말도 할 수 없었다.

“I’m sorry.”

“I love you.”

이 낯선 땅의 말은 이렇게 쉽게 나오는데. 왜 난 한마디도 하지 못했을까? 너무나 서구화 가 돼버린 이 딸은 엄마 아빠의 언어를 잊어 버리고 었나보다.
영어를 위해 난 한국말을 포기하고 있어나 보다.

미친듯이 이 낯설은 땅에서 보낸 사춘기를 지나서 이렇게 어른이 돼가는 과정에서 이렇게 글을 씁니다.

엄마, 아빠 죄송해요, 그리고 사랑해요.

Loveholic Fanlisting

Hello everyone! ♥ I just wanted to tell you all that I've made the fanlisting for the Kdrama Loveholic, I'm hoping you all will join if you're a fan of it. ♥!


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