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korean's Journal

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The Korean Community
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This is a community about Korea where Koreans and others with an interest in the culture and country can come and post their thoughts about their life, their interests, and just about anything.

"Just about anything," however, doesn't mean that you have the license to post blatantly off-topic articles and or make spam/ad posts simply because you're Korean and a member of this community. Your posts must have something to do with Korea, Koreans, Korean-Americans or other members of the Korean diaspora, Korean food, Korean politics, etc. Posting about your cat and saying "by the way I'm Korean :3" doesn't fucking count. Use your common sense before hitting the "Post" button. :)

A few specific rules:
1. No spamming, no ads.

2. Do not post adult content (porn, nude photos, etc.). There are underage members of the group, and posting porn can constitute "transmitting harmful materials to a minor." Don't get yourself in any legal hot water here.

3. No flaming/trolling. We want to maintain a positive atmosphere here. Debate is welcome as long as it remains civil. The second any thread starts getting personal or unreasonable by the community standard, those involved will be warned to cease, and the offending post/comments will be deleted or thread closed.

4. GTFO with your racism, cissexism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, etc. None of that shit will be tolerated here.

4a. We are not here for any white gaze/Asian fetish/Memoirs of a Geisha bullshit.

4b. We are not here for non-Koreans ignorantly stanning Kpop or other narrow segments of Korean culture and then acting like experts and arbiters on All Things Korean. If that's what you like, go hang out at omona or something.

4c. We are not here for self-absorbed (usually white) expat musings on how "amusing" and "quaint" your new life among "these people" in Korea happens to be.

If you violate these rules, you will get a warning. Any repeat offenses will warrant revocation of posting privileges to the group or deletion of your membership to the group.

The community is maintained by haruhiko; feel free to contact him if you have any questions.

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